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  Starbugs Entertainment is a group of local artists, musicians and simply immigrants from Eastern Europe that set up their goal as: bringing Eastern European Celebrations to the land of America. We put together April Fools Carnival and many other fun celebrations that became a part of Portland’s International art and culture movement.
Roses Are Red...

Women and Men of the world - Party!

Each year on March 8th, millions of women and men celebrate International Women's Day all around the world (from Alaska to Zambia).
The time has come to start celebrating it in the best city to live and party in - Portland, Oregon!
So we decided to start the tradition by throwing a Grand Ball in honor of all our favorite women. For that we got the Fez Ballroom to open it's doors on March 8, Saturday at 9 pm for the Ball.
There will be fresh spring flowers for every girl, love songs from different countries, dances, prizes and surprises. For this wonderful occasion the performers are preparing a very special program. Don't miss Chervona, the local Russian gypsy street band, they've promised to steal your heart with their brand new program "Chervona Amore". Check out Portland's French troubadour Eric John Kaiser with his most romantic songs especially for this occasion; and even International Punk band MiruMir! came up with a new romantic program: "Feeling gay in a good kinda way”. You will also have an opportunity to see and hear a guest from Russia Mikhail Bashakov, who came to see the beauty of women in America and to sing them his love especially for this holiday from St. Petersburg… Highlight of the night - contest Miss Chervona. Contact us if you want to participate.
It's hard to list everything... french l'amour, italian serenades, russian romance, hot dancers, free hugs, kisses, a brand new “make out booth”, fine russian cuisine and a sea of flowers.
And of course be ready to dance all night long as the live music, Multi Cultural Hits from DJ Anjali and Russian Disco from DJ Zhenya will get you going until the morning!
Dress to impress! And bring your Princess to the Ball.
It is time to celebrate International Women's Day with the whole world!


International Women's Day - March 8, FEZ Ballroom